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1: 2001 A Space Odyssey in 70mm 6 track Magnetic Sound at the Odeon Southend. This screening was to test the print, and also to test the 70mm system at the Odeon, which Michael, the Chief Technician, over a period of time, acquired all the required parts for the projector and platter and then fitted them, he also got Odeon to buy a new lens. We had Play-ins and an Intermission, together with great showmanship from Michael. The screening happened one morning in March 2004!

2: Odeon Hammersmith Featuring the Projection Room at this world famous theatre 

3: PPT Projection Room. The Enigma cinema Projection Room with a Victoria X 35/70mm projector and a Kelee 21 projector 

4: ABC Cinema Reading. Projection Rooms of the ABC Reading 

5: How a 35mm Film Check Print is made. We are at Technicolor. We are seeing how a 35mm Film Check-Print is made. Derek from Technicolor talks us thru the process, which of course in reality, is done in complete darkness.