ABC Futurist Liverpool

Opened on 16th September 1912, the Lime Street Picture House was a very upmarket city centre cinema with a tiled Edwardian facade and 1,029 seats in the stalls and circle. It was re-named City Picture House from 14th August 1916.

In 1920 the City Picture House was renamed the Futurist Cinema, a name the closedand derelict building still bears.

In May 1954 Twentieth Century Fox took over the cinema as their Cinemascope venue in the city and it was equipped with a large screen, re-opening on 20th May 1954 with Tyrone Power in “King of the Khyber Rifles”.
In 1960, the Futurist was acquired by ABC and was equipped with 2 x 70mm/Todd-AO (picture right) re-opening on 10th July 1960 with “Oklahoma” which ran for 20 weeks.

(Below: Front of house)



(Below) ABC Futurist stage showing the 5 channel 70mm speakers

minus a screen.

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